Aces Homework Clipart


11375 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito, CA94530
(510) 233-1979

Ace is off the hook! Can't wait to get my sleeve started this year. He never fails to create beautiful art, and he'll keep you laughing the whole time. Give him a holler.

Was an honor getting inked by Dave today, gave him a loose idea and he did the rest knocking out of the park and beyond. We got along like to old friends chopping it up the entire time. With Dave resistance is futile so just listen to his creative greatness. What a great experience. Cheers Mate.

If you are looking for a great artist that will listen to everything you have to say about what it is you are looking for in a piece of art work and then make that happen through a dynamic discussion and decision making process, then David is the one for you! If you are unsure of what you really want, he can help you figure it out, just being willing to engage in a dialogue. He'll ask probing questions, look at photographs and fully explore the meaning behind your new ink before ever considering starting the piece. If you have no idea what you want, are being impulsive or just want to pick something out of a book then this may not be the place for you. Impulsive clip art is not what David does, try one of the shops on the Berkeley strip if that is what you are looking for. David accepts cash only, is well worth the fee, are paying for his time, just like any other profession...the fee is for his time...not the amazing art you will keep with you always. If you flake on your appointment and put down a deposit the deposit will not be returned. You will literally be paying David to sit twiddling his thumbs instead of doing what he wants to be doing...creating amazing body art.

Thank you Dave for all the beautiful art you do. May the force be with you.

Dave is the man , he did an amazing cover up for me in august and I am still very happy with my tattoo.

When tattoos are becoming a dime a dozen, there are few other places that still keep tattoos a true form of art.David is such a great guy. He takes his time to understand what you are looking for and hand drawing the piece so each piece is unique. The tattoos that I have gotten from him are absolutely amazing and turn heads where ever I go. I will never go to any other artist.

Ace is the Man plain and simple. Get your ink done here if you want it done right. He tries to get to know what you're about before he puts them on so it's a real personal experience for sure. He takes the time make it right.

I passed by Ace Tattoo as I was searching for a studio to do a sleeve for me. The guy behind the counter (I'm guessing is the owner and operator) greeted me nicely enough. What made my experience here go south wasn't anything bad about the artist or his work but the clientele for the studio. As I was brainstorming with the artist. A younger customer, maybe 16-17 years old, started asking me if I was a gang member and proclaiming which gang he was part of. If an establishment is ok having potential customers questioned by gang members then more power to them. Safe to say, I decided not to get a tattoo from Ace Tattoo.

Oh wow, where do I begin!!! I can not begin to explain my HORRIBLE experience here at Ace Tattoo. I wanted to get a simple small tatt, in which i begin to shop around via calling around to get a price. What first drew me to this place was the warm greeting whenever the phone was answered. I explained what i wanted and was told to come down and we could discuss a pricing. I decided to go in tonight. I was greeted by David, he was very welcoming and knew who i was from our previous phone convo. I asked if he any fonts that I could look through to get an idea of what words I wanted. He responded, that there are thousands of fonts but what do I really want I'm lost. usually when a customer comes in and pretty much has an idea of what they want, you usually try to work with them. We began to discuss the other tattoos that I have and he instantly tried to sell me into getting a huge tattoo . That was NOT what I came in for and explained such. He began to sketch something out and I wasn't feeling the direction that he was going, because AGAIN the image was HUGE. I explained that I wasn't really trying to go that route and he instantly got offended. At this point, other customers enter the building...... He shut down completely and pretty much rushed me out of the place. I explained that I pretty much just want something small and could I look at the fonts you have, he pretty much THREW the books at me, and stated, "Sure if you want something dull and boring." I still can't believe how RUDE, OPINIONATED (which is such a horrible trait to possess as a tattoo artist), IMPATIENT, and just a plain SMART A** for no reason David was. Time is money, we all get that but there is NO reason why one has to treat another human being with such disrespect when I'm trying to break bread with you. Furthermore, I will NEVER be back and will be SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD TO ANYONE who asks!

Dave is a great artist and I love the piece he did for me. And I will be going back for more. But beware if you want to flip through a book and pick something out on sort of a whim; Ace is probably not for you. It's always a great idea to have a good idea of what you want before walking in the door and you can trust Dave to be honest about weather it will be a good tattoo. The key word there is "trust", I trust the dentist to know what she is doing because of her years of expertise and practice. I had a few conversations with her and did a little homework before picking my dentist and urge everyone to give that much respect to a tattoo. Dave is honest about what will make a good tattoo and what is correct given the style \ piece and will make suggestions to be sure it is the best possible tattoo. And I trust Dave to do the same great work he always has.

Dave is the man! His work can't be beat! I have several wonderful pieces of art from him. He did a few lilies on my shoulder a few months back and I can't tell you how many compliments I get almost daily. My current back piece is in progress and is already exceeded my expectations. He really takes his time to get to know you and your personality before he starts sketching. His original pieces can't compare to any. He books up quick so make sure you get on his books well in advance. You WON"T be disappointed.

I'm beyond picky with everything where I rely on someone else doing permanent work, especially when it comes to my body. When looking for a proper tattoo artist it's not only the work that needs to tip-top, but I have to be trusting in the person holding the needle, and most importantly I have to be in a comfortable environment. From the first moment I met David roughly one year ago, I could tell he was my kind of guy. One thing that really struck me was the fact he wont tattoo anything he doesn't like, which as an artist myself, I highly respect. My initial judgment due to that was that he takes pride in his work, and that a finished piece is not only an source of income for him, but it's his art - his passion. That alone means you can expect a fantastic outcome. That's the type of man I let control the needle that places lifelong ink under my sink. David greets people as people, not a wallet. But if you come in disrespectfully, you will be ignored. Thus proves his work to be an art, not an income. I believe a tattoo artist shop reflects their work ethics and personality. You wouldn't get a tattoo done from someone in a messy, unorganized shop, would you? I hope not. Davids shop, to me, resembles all the essentials; Tidiness, organization, comedy, seriousness, and further more a sense of 'home'. It's a stress free environment that any rational person would seek when they are being put through pain. My cover up came out a complete success and I love it! David is the fuckin' man. ----------------Ignore the few pussies with their negative reviews. They just don't understand and were probably offended by his "rudeness"; aka honesty. I find it comical that one Woman wrote in her review: "...OPINIONATED (which is such a horrible trait to possess as a tattoo artist)..." How can opinion be a horrible trait? David is a ARTIST, and a true ARTIST wont do ART he/she doesn't like. THAT'S an ARTIST. David doesn't do his ART only for others, but he also does it for himself. He comes to terms on something he and the costumer will both enjoy so he can use push his potentials to the limit. Everyone knows a true ARTIST does ART to please themselves., and everyone knows an ARTIST does better when he/she actually likes what their doing! I can't help but respect that. Hails to my man David! Continue the good work!

I had one tattoo done by dave, I had originally wanted a single black rose and stem on the inside of my arm but when i went in to get the tattoo done he had drawn two large black roses without the stems to go on my inner arm. At first I was hesitant but after having this tattoo for a while I absolutely love it. Dave is an awesome guy and he doesn't bullshit you he will tell you straight up what looks good and what doesn't because he has been an artist for such a long time. Trust the artist instinct it usually pays out. If you can't handle an up-in-your-face attitude don't go to Dave because you probably can't handle his tattoos either.

I went to Ace to get my first tattoo, I think it was 2001. I dropped by the shop once or twice to see how things were, and spent a good amount of time talking to Dave prior to getting the work done. About Dave: he's an inspired artist whose interests are diverse and deep. I've seen his work range from photo-realistic to old school, script to tribal. One of the things that is really notable about Dave is that he won't let you make yourself look like an ass. If you're 18 and want to get your boyfriend's name scratched into your neck, don't even bother stopping by. If you are looking for a piece of artwork that you'll be as stoked to show off in 15 years as you are today, Dave's your man. If you're interested in having Dave do some work for you, I recommend you stop by and rap with him for a bit ahead of time. That's really a good practice generally when it comes to tattoo artists, and with Ace you'll get a good idea of the breadth of his skillset just by spending some time at the studio. Dave takes walk ins, but that doesn't mean he's got lots of gaps in his schedule. I've never been in the shop when there hasn't been someone in the chair or getting ready to be, but if you show up and have the time to stick around, you'll likely get in the queue.

David can lay down a solid tattoo! I've been there twice now to get some work done and each time I've been very happy with the beautiful detail that's been put into my tattoos. The placement he chose of both tattoos really complimented my arm and each other. He's got a great eye for that sort of thing, and after all, it's his job! He has spent some time in Japan and has a background in traditional Japanese tattoos. He's not some egotistical run of the mill tattoo artist kid just looking to make a quick buck, he's legit and a real sweetheart, though he's not afraid to tell it like it is. Perfect, because that's just how a tattoo artist should be.

Ok so I've read the other posts, some good and some bad. Lets skip the personal drama and get down to tattoos. I have a couple of tats already and do my research. I've been tatted in Oakland, SF, Dallas, and Bangkok and have discussed at length with the artist what I wanted and have tried to let their artistic juices flow. I did a consult with Dave, he had all of these great idea's that I wasn't to sure about. He said come back in a couple of days I'll have somethin drawn up. When I showed up he flips out the most amazing drawing of Hanuman the Monkey God, that I had ever seen, dude you can put that on me. He says yup sit down. And that was the begining of an amazing realationship. Ok we started that one he has other crazy Ideas as to what is next and I just have to work harder so I can pay for all this. Price was awesome and my tatts are rockin. Thanks dude

I put a down payment to get my tattoo and showed up the time and day I was goig to get my tatto and he was not there the only thing that was there was a note on the door saying he was on vacation. A big rip off! So I went to the tatto shop in the mall and they did a lot better and Dave is rude.

I knew yrs. ago I wanted a tattoo and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted the tattoo to look like. Then I met the amazing, gorgeous Miss Mary with the most beautiful tattoos I had ever seen. She told me how life altering her experience was with Dave at Ace Tattoo. On 11/11 I got tattoo #1. The tattoo is beautiful: so much about my current life, and so much about my past. Dave is so great about listening to the ideas I have and is able to sketch and create work that reflects his phenomenal skill. Dave has not only created beautiful, meaningful art on my skin, but through his listening and work, he has helped heal parts of my soul, as well. And I walk around with this amazing art on my body! So, just a month later, I am on #2. It is, I think if possible, more beautiful even then #1. I call her a Nymph Fairy. She is about my future, while the other was about my past. Dave is absolutely the most talented artist and kind man with the type of integrity that is rare these days. Go see Dave at Ace. You will absolutely have a 5 star experience.

This place is phenomenal. Ace does great work at a great price. He fixed two tattoo I had done 7 years ago on east coast. They looked like hell Ace did a cover up and tied everything together on the theme I was going for. Highly recommend Ace tattoo if its your first or covering. Does great work and has a great attitude.

I do not like this place ..i came in for a tattoo told him what i wanted..he took my $ 100.00 for some crappy drawing of what he wanted to put on my back...told me some bull story of why MY tattoo won't look good... i would look somewhere else...! I went to another shop down the street, they asked ME what I wanted !!! and stuck with it... it suck how people try to be the best..but they kill thier biz, when they force the wrong tattoo... if ACE TATTOO try's to charge you $100.00 for a drawing...tell them..i'll give you $ 20.00 it only takes 1 time

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