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Above: The Wheel CEO Deirdre Garvey and 2into3 Director Dennis O’Connor at The Wheel's Conference & Expo 2017 at Croke Park.

2into3 has entered into a partnership with the Wheel means that discount rates apply across all 2into3 services to members of the Wheel. At The Wheel Conference 2017, 2into3 also delivered two Masterclasses on the topics of fundraising strategy development and talent strategy.

If your organisation is looking to increase your levels of private investment (especially philanthropy) or acquiring management talent then following services may be of interest:


2into3 delivers Fundraising Strategy through Fundraising Strategy Development via 1-2-1 Consulting.

To support the needs of smaller clients in the area of fundraising strategy development 2into3 offers a Fundraising Strategy Development Workshop series. 2into3 works with up to 5 organisations in a high quality collaborative process in order to develop capacity and customised fundraising strategies.


2into3 delivers a consultative full life cycle recruitment service aimed at establishing a long-term partnership with our clients and candidates. The 2into3 Not-for-Profit Graduate Programme is designed to attract talented graduates into the not-for-profit sector.


The 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor provides current benchmarking data on fundraising activities and experiences enabling fundraisers to compare fundraised income, methods and costs with other similar organisations, both within and across subsectors.

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For more information or to avail of discounted rates on these services, please feel free to contact 2into3 Director Dennis O’Connor at dennis@2into3.com /01 2343184 or 2into3 Consultant Amy Power at amy.power@2into3.com /01 2343165.

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