Ace Mentor Scholarship Winners Essays

ACE Mentor Program Mission Statement

The Bunker Hill Community College ACE Mentor program is committed to helping new students make a successful transition to Bunker Hill Community College by focusing on academic achievement, engagement, and cultural competency.  ACE Mentors are integrated into Learning Community classrooms where they serve as resources to help new students adjust to the academic, social and personal environment at BHCC. ACE Mentors collaborate with faculty in designing Learning Community curriculum and assignments and co-facilitate class activities and discussions on difficult issues such as religion, race, class, gender and culture.

What qualities make an effective ACE Mentor?

  • An ACE Mentor appreciates the value of learning and working in a diverse environment and treats every member of the college community with dignity and respect.
  • An ACE Mentor is committed to fostering a campus environment where difficult issues such as religion, race, class, gender and culture can be discussed openly and honestly.
  • An ACE Mentor is able to listen and empathize with the new student experience, and takes the time to get to know new students.
  • An ACE Mentor can work cooperatively as part of a group and respects and values multiple points of view, different backgrounds, and diverse cultures.
  • An ACE Mentor is knowledgeable about BHCC programs and services and is able to connect new students with appropriate campus resources.
  • An ACE Mentor is making progress toward achieving her or his own academic goals and is in good academic standing. 
  • An ACE Mentor is reliable and responsible and is able to positively represent the College and Learning Community programs.

What is the role of an ACE Mentor?

  • To assist new students who are enrolled in BHCC’s Learning Communities to make a successful transition to college 
  • To collaborate with Seminar faculty in designing Learning Community curriculum and assignments, and co-facilitating class activities and discussions that promote community building and student success
  • To work with faculty and/or Success Coaches to establish and maintain contact with first year students
  • To serve as an information resource, respond to questions and concerns, and to provide referrals to appropriate college offices and personnel
  • To represent the college as well as its program and services to new students professionally and respectfully
  • To assist in the promotion of Learning Communities to students during the advising and registration process
  • To assist in the promotion, recruitment, and training of new ACE Mentors

What training and benefits do ACE Mentors receive?

  • ACE Mentors participate in a two-day Orientation before the semester begins in August and January. The Orientation sessions focus on mentoring to empower, facilitating difficult dialogues in the Learning Community classroom, developing strategies for effective mentoring and leadership, case study analysis, and reflection about the challenges facing first year students.
  • New ACE Mentors participate in bi-monthly trainings throughout the semester. Topics for discussion include: identity exploration, cultural competency, leadership development, student development theories, and group dynamics. Students will reflect on their role as ACE Mentors and create connections among their own life experiences, work in the Seminar classroom and development as students and campus leaders.
  • ACE Mentors attend meetings with returning ACE Mentors to discuss progress, identify issues, problem solve and evaluate the success of the Learning Community Program.
  • ACE Mentors are compensated $11.00/hour for up to 14 hours per week.
  • ACE Mentors often find that assisting students in their transition to college enriches their own experience as a BHCC student and promotes their own success in meeting academic, personal, and career goals.

What is the application process for becoming a Learning Community ACE Mentor?

To become a Learning Community ACE Mentor:

  • Submit a one-two page essay
  • Submit two faculty or staff recommendations
  • Participate in a peer led interview
  • Successfully passed a Learning Community Seminar or Cluster by Fall 2017
  • Will have completed two semesters by the end of Fall 2017
  • Enrolled in at least two courses for the Fall 2017 semester
  • The deadline to apply to be an ACE Mentor is Friday, April 7th 2017

 Apply Now

Did you know that in 2017 the sales for Pennsylvania lottery tickets were over $4 billion?  Obviously, people love the idea of winning money!  Although your odds for hitting the Powerball jackpot are pretty slim (roughly 1 in 259 million), the odds are significantly better for the students who apply for an ACE scholarship!  This year, three scholarships are available for ACE students — 2018 ACE Scholarship, Jefferson ACE Mentor Scholarship, and Temple ACE Scholarship.

2018 ACE Scholarship

Part of the mission of the ACE Mentor Program is to support our students in their continued advancement into the industry.  One way of supporting them is to providescholarshipsfor their post-secondary education or for their training in a skilled trades program.  ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA offers various scholarships at the end of each program year!

In order to apply for a scholarship,a student must have completed at least one full year of the ACE Mentor Program, be a current Senior in high school, have good attendance in program and their team leader’s recommendation, & plan to pursue an acceptable post-secondary major in the Design & Construction Industry. 

Students must apply online, submit recommendation forms from educators & team leaders, provide an official high school transcript, and complete an essay to be considered for an award.

Application deadline is March 31st.  Full scholarship guidelines are available here.

Jefferson ACE Mentor Scholarship 

The Jefferson ACE Mentor Scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman student enrolling in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment who participated in the ACE Mentor Program.  The scholarship is a $15,000 award renewable for 4-5 years (depending on the length of the undergraduate program).  Financial aid packages are re-evaluated for ACE Mentor Scholars.  Applicants must apply for admission by March 1st to a CABE undergraduate program: Architectural Studies (BS), Architecture (B.Arch), Construction Management (BS), Interior Design (BS), Landscape Architecture (BLA) and meet admission requirements for the intended major.

Students must also submit a 300 – 500 word essay on the ACE Mentor Program reflecting on the following questions: Why did you decide to participate in the ACE Mentor Program? What has been the impact of the ACE mentor Program on you? How will the ACE experience affect your future?  This reflection must be submitted as a pdf document and emailed to the following email  Scholarship award notification will be provided by April 1.

Temple ACE Scholarship

Temple University Tyler School of Art is offering one ACE Mentoring student who is entering their architecture program a$2,000 scholarshiptowards the first year’s tuition.  Students need to submit a resume and answer the following three questions: How has the ACE program inspired you?  Why do you want to be a Temple Owl?  What are your career goals after college?  Completed forms should be mailed to Tyler School of Art.  The deadline for students to apply is March 1st, 2018.

In addition to these local opportunities, ACE National has compiled a list of 20 industry associations and companies that collectively provide several hundred scholarships each worth between $1K and $15K. Local chapters of industry associations in this list also offer financial support for students.

With all of these scholarship opportunities available to ACE students, they might just feel like they hit the lottery after all!

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