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Forgiveness plays a very important role in people's lives. Probably there are no such people who would not offend somebody or who would not feel offended. And very often we find ourselves in situations where we need to forgive someone. In this forgiveness essay our writing an academic article service wants to tell you about the importance of forgiveness, its role in our lives and the consequences of unforgiveness. Our writing team will do all the best to help you with your tasks.

Each of you has heard the popular phrase: the ability to forgive is the property of the strong people. The weak people do not forgive. Where can you find strength for forgiveness? We perfectly know that feeling of hurt that overflows our inner world  and prevents us from living peacefully.

Usually people remember all situations and words when they were hurt or feel uncomfortable. Forgiveness is the moment when something changes inside a person and he/she is no longer angry with his enemies, does not want to take revenge, but forgets everything that happened between them, leaves all the negative in the past.

Essay about forgiveness. It is not easy but you can do it

The ability to forgive is a real virtue, there are some people who believe that some things cannot be forgiven. From the one hand there are situations when person is forgiven and he decided that he can continue to commit evil actions, because he is forgiven. And on the other hand, you will forgive a person when he asks you about this and at last he will have a hope and faith in the heart for better future. Such a person can change and become kinder, due to the fact that he felt that he was forgiven. As you can see, the result of forgiveness can be radically different, that's why people perceive forgiveness differently.

For example, recently there have been many terrorist attacks around the world, when terrorists kill hundreds of innocent people. They are sure that they are serving their God. How can you forgive such people? How can you forgive a maniac killer who raped and killed your little daughter? How can you forgive a mother who left her son when he was a little baby? Many of us are sure that there are people who simply do not deserve forgiveness. It's one thing to forgive someone who stole your wallet or simply insulted you in the presence of other people, and quite another thing is to forgive the murderer.

But there is such a category of people (Christians) who follow the example of Jesus Christ and are sure that everyone should be forgiven regardless of his actions. Why do they think so? Because their teacher Jesus did the same and gave an excellent example. The example of forgiveness is presented to us by the Lord God and Jesus Christ. For we know that God forgives all sinners who repent of their sins, regardless of the gravity of their crimes. This gives hope to people, because we all make mistakes. And even if God forgives people, then people simply need to forgive each other and above all themselves.

He was not just offended, He was slandered by the whole world, shamed, beaten a lot and then simply terribly killed. But He had forgiven His enemies before that time and they had to hear His words about forgiveness. That's why Christians try to be kind, sensitive and always forgive their enemies, although this is very, very difficult. A special pain we feel when we offend our close friends or relatives. They know us the most and that is why they can hurt us very much, because they know all your vulnerabilities and shortcomings. The more we forgive, the sooner we will get rid of the feeling of revenge and the desire to restore justice.

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To forgive is not to forget

Many people think that they did not forgive, because they remember everything that they experienced in a difficult moment. But this is a normal phenomenon, that a person does not forget some important events of his life. If you forgive an enemy or an offender, it does not mean that you forget by magic forever a quarrel, a fight, a robbery or that terrible accident. No, none will ever force you to forget the terrible events. Experiences can remain in your memory forever.

But it is very easy to understand whether you have forgiven a person or not. For example, if you really could forgive, then remembering specific events, you will no longer feel a sharp pain in your heart, you will not have hatred and anger at the offense, you will not just want to kill him and take revenge for all the evil he had done. Yes, it will be hard for you to remember everything, but except pity for the enemy - you will not feel anything. This means that you have forgiven, you are ready to give a hand of friendship to this person and no longer remember aloud those or other events of your life, never remind him of his evil deeds and so on. Forgiveness it is not easy but you should do it. You should always remember that unforgiveness has bad influence on people and evil people grow old and die earlier.

Watching for the lives of hundreds of people, I realized one simple thing: the ability to forgive is not just a virtue, it's a real talent. This is the quality that you need to develop, work hard on yourself and change. There are lucky ones who were born good people, to forgive it's normal, easy and fast for them. And others need to put a lot of effort, spend sleepless nights realizing everything and only then they will be ready to take such an important decision and go to reconciliation.

Forgiving a man, we let him go with good, and good as you know has the property of coming back. If people around the world finally learned the skill of forgiveness, then there would not be so many wars, murders and robberies. People would seek peace at any cost. The world will fill with light and smiles, it will be easier to breathe if millions of people expel resentment and bitterness and start enjoying life again.

We need to learn to understand people and tolerate their shortcomings. After all, a vulnerable person can be offended in a situation where you do not expect this at all. You cannot laugh or despise such people. It will never lead to good. We are all different people with different characters and each lives his own way.

There are two categories of people: vulnerable and merry, who are easy to offend but they forgive quickly, as they are tired to experience negative emotions for a certain period of time. And there are people who very rarely show their emotions, they seem even mean and rude. Such people as usual have been burned away from the whole world and live their lives. Yes they are difficult to offend, but they themselves can easily offend anyone.

Forgive me...what a simple words and how much power it has. The word "forgive" can resurrect people to life, give them feelings of joy and fun. But sometimes it's the hardest phrase to say. And to be honest, I do not understand why. I am cheerful by nature, I rarely take offense, but if I offend someone I prefer to ask for forgiveness right away. Well, why should we spoil a person's life and ourselves. In the literature there are many novels in which authors describe the forgiveness or results of unforgiveness. In the cask of amontillado analysis essay you can read about the terrible revenge. The main character was not able to forgive and he chose a terrible way - the path of revenge.

Several types of forgiveness

The ability to forgive depends on the personal worldview ( As for me I ask my mom to forgive me hundreds of times and the same I can say about other members of my family. Mother always forgave me all the mistakes as her heart was full of love for me. But I think there are different types of forgiveness and I want to list some of them. It is not general version just some thoughts of mine.

1) We forgive and thus give people the opportunity to make the following mistake. I have talked about tit earlier. It is difficult to explain but sometimes people think that if they easily received forgiveness, so they were not so guilty and continue to act badly further. In this way, we give people hope that it does not matter what they do, they will be always forgiven.

2) Forgiveness as self-deception. Sometimes we forgive a person only because he too often asks for forgiveness, thereby forcing us. We forgive with a single goal, so that a person finally gives us some space. But through time we understand that offense still lives in our heart and we begin to be very afraid that the same situation can happen again and again.

3) Forgiveness as humiliation. This type of forgiveness means the following: I forgive you, but you will still pay for your mistakes for a long time. The person seems to be generously forgiving, but at every opportunity he remembers what happened.

4) Forgiveness as a contract between two people. Sometimes it reminds me a blackmail - I'll forgive you if you do this and that. There is no sincerity here, just a person is looking for the maximum benefit for himself and wants to take advantage of the situation.

5) Forgiveness because of guilt. There is a man and he also done things in life and forgives others only in order to forgive him.

6) Cunning forgiveness. A person forgives someone and then waits for a convenient opportunity to remember that situation and say,"Yeah, you did that, but I forgave you!" It's all because I'm so good and generous, take me as an example! This is not very honest and sincere forgiveness. Sometimes it is better not to forgive at once if you can't do it sincerely. Wait a little and maybe later you will be able to forgive. Time changes everything. Sometimes it is better not to forgive at once if you can't do it sincerly. Wait a little and maybe later you will be able to forgive. Time changes everything.

The science of forgiveness is taught to us by the best teacher - our life. In no college or university you will not find a subject for forgiveness, because such an object will not be studied for a year or two, but for the whole life. By the way, the Bible says that if we forgive a person, we will do him good in response to evil, then we will collect burning coals on his head. It has a figurative sense, but in reality this rule is very simple. More about Christian lifestyle is here - If you were hurt and in the same day or in a month you will do something good for this person, then I guarantee your enemy or offender will feel very bad. He will be ashamed, unpleasantly scared, he will be at a loss. After all he was ready to receive revenge, but not forgiveness and kindness.

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Essay on Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be defined as the foregoing of resentment or revenge when the wrongdoer's actions deserve it. Forgiveness is a very subjective theme and everyone has there own idea on who should and who should not be forgiven. Forgiveness can encompass many different things, from merely accepting someone's apology to helping them to find there way out of the situation they put themselves in.

I think, that to be able to forgive others, you have to first be able to forgive yourself. By this I mean that if you feel guilty about something, you have to be able to accept that you made a mistake, but you also have to then carry on and move forward. If you cannot forgive yourself, you will constantly be berate yourself and you won’t be able to leave the past behind. Of course, you have to learn from the mistakes you made and endeavour never to repeat them, but it’s not necissary to constantly berate yourself over something that has already happened and cannot be changed. Often, we are the last people to forgive ourselves. In my opinion, once you realize that you have spent enough time making yourself feel bad about something you have done, it becomes clear that quite often, others have long since forgiven you.

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Forgiving others is a very subjective and complicated process. Everyone has their own set of morals and ethics, which means that everyone has a different view of what can be forgiven and what it means to forgive. I think that the hardest people to forgive are the ones who are the closest to you. If someone else wrongs you, it is easier to forgive, because you most probably don’t expect much from that person anyway. If someone who is close to you however, a friend or partner for example, then for them to do something which requires forgiveness means that they have betrayed your trust to some extent. I think that the level of trust breached determines how easy it is to then forgive someone. I think if someone made a genuine mistake and this hurt you, then there is nothing to forgive, but if someone intentionaly betrays your trust or does something even though they know it will hurt you, then this makes it much more difficult to forgive.

In my opinion, everything can be forgiven, but not forgotten. For one thing I we must learn from our mistakes, so to forget an instance would leave yourself vulnerable to being hurt in the same way again. Obviously it is easy to say everything can be forgiven, but you never know how you will react when youfind yourself in that very situaion, where you have to decide whether or not you can forgive someone. Even though I think everything can be forgiven, that doesn’t mean that the relationship between the forgiver and the forgivee will go back to the way it was. It is not always possible to trust someone to the same extent as before and even if it is, trust is something which has to be earned back.


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