Meaning Of Bibliography In Tagalog Dictionary

2mass nounThe Austronesian language of the Tagalogs, with over 17 million speakers. Its vocabulary has been much influenced by Spanish and English, and to some extent by Chinese and Arabic, and it is the basis of a standardized national language of the Philippines (Filipino).

  • ‘I took an exam for Tagalog, the language I learned to speak in the Philippines, and earned 10 credits for passing that exam.’
  • ‘The opera is sung mostly in Japanese, and some parts in English, Tagalog and Spanish, with the Filipino soloists also singing in Japanese.’
  • ‘The libretto is mainly written in English with some parts in Tagalog, Japanese and Spanish.’
  • ‘All 3 nurses were college graduates, had experience translating English into Tagalog, had been raised in the Philippines, and now reside in the United States.’
  • ‘That could be Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, or Tagalog.’
  • ‘Discounting English, he's fluent in French, Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog, a Filipino language.’
  • ‘It's not Canadians’ fault he lapsed into his native Tagalog for a while there at the end.’
  • ‘He learned enough Thai to get by, to add to his fluency in Tagalog (his native tongue), English and Spanish.’
  • ‘Orders to the units would come down in English, but they still needed to be translated into Spanish, Tagalog, or any of the other dialects used by commonwealth troops.’
  • ‘It was a joy to sit amid thirty or so girls and give a devotional talk as two of the housemothers translated my English into Tagalog.’
  • ‘Church services in San Francisco, as in most major urban areas, are offered in many languages, including Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Polish, Mandarin, and Cantonese.’
  • ‘In 1937, the government decided to promote the use of Tagalog as the national language.’
  • ‘And since I'm from the Philippines, I speak Tagalog.’
  • ‘Now, my Tagalog isn't strong enough for me to have responded in kind, but I did cast her a withering glance.’
  • ‘Chinese was the mother tongue of just under 25 percent, while Arabic, Punjabi, Tagalog, Tamil, and Persian together accounted for about 20 percent.’
  • ‘While the common language is Tagalog, almost everyone has a good grasp of English.’
  • ‘She has a good ear for dialogue and represents the sound of Filipino speech well with a judicious use of phrases and words in Tagalog and Spanish.’
  • ‘He speaks in slow English with some Tagalog, although most would prefer Ilocano.’
  • ‘The languages in which we interviewed were Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, and English.’
  • ‘At the time of Philippine independence, about 25 percent of Filipinos spoke Tagalog, the language of central Luzon.’
  • In addition to wonderful facts and stories about the people and places in the county, there is a 20-page index and a five-page bibliography.

    —mary jane brewer,, "Medina author and historian Joann King: Local Legends,"8 Feb. 2018

  • Add to this colossal bibliography the scores of huge tomes filled with Luther’s own writings in German and Latin, and the effort required for summing up his life and work will seem even more daunting.

    —carlos eire, New York Times, "Slaying the Dragon of the Dark Ages,"18 Dec. 2017

  • Aslan is also eager to display his academic bona fides; a massive bibliography and endnotes (many comprised of extended extracts from other scholars) comprise nearly a third of the book.

    —jerome e. copulsky, San Francisco Chronicle, "‘God: A Human History,’ by Reza Aslan,"15 Dec. 2017

  • The website includes everything from sample syllabi to lengthy bibliographies to extensive discussions of the philosophical contributions of figures like Astell and Cavendish and Conway.

    —andrew janiak, Washington Post, "Who was that Marquise? Rediscovering forgotten voices of women in philosophy.,"23 Oct. 2017

  • Its under-wraps plot will be original, but the story, tone, and characters will pull heavily from King's entire bibliography.

    —tom philip, GQ, "J.J. Abrams’s Horror Series Castle Rock Looks Ominous and Great,"9 Oct. 2017

  • The editors have included an extensive bibliography for further reading.

    —jim higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "'The Driftless Reader' portrays beauty and challenges of a remarkable region,"5 Oct. 2017

  • This, in turns incentivizes researchers to use (and abuse) their bibliographies as a way of advancing their careers.

    —daniel engber, Slate Magazine, "A one-paragraph blurb helped cause the opioid crisis. That’s just the start of science’s citation woes.,"11 June 2017

  • Working with adapter Laurie Calkhoven, an experienced writer for children, Solomon has slimmed the text and moved the extensive footnotes and bibliography sections online.

    —jim higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Young-adult edition of 'Far From the Tree' a compelling read on families with differences,"25 Aug. 2017

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