Lutron Homeworks Processors

New to Lutron (but not lighting control),

Trying to design a system using Grafik Eyes - for ease of use and built in keypads, but client wants global off from any floor - i don't want to just link the all together, because if someone presses off anywhere the whole house goes dark. Where as with HW i can do 2 second press, call multiple area scenes etc etc

Thinking good solution is one GE per room/area for convenience (and to keep costs down) , multiple QS keypads for global control - using a HQP6-2 - which solves my integration to 'other' problems also.

Would like to hear opinions on this GE-HW 'hybrid' system like this... total of 16 circuits only.

Next question is...

Can the GE's power my QS keypads (they have to be proper QS link keypads right?) or do i still need the crazy expensive Power Supply? Obviously GE have built in power so this would be excluded... keypad count is a mere 3 or 4, each one close to the localized GE, in adjacent hallway.

Hope this make sense... really appreciate your input.

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