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Stick these labels in your students' take home / homework folders so there is no confusion on which papers should be returned to school and which papers should be kept at home! If you are looking for an editable set, please check out Take Home Folders with EDITABLE labels, Reading Log, & Behavior Chart

**Print these labels on Avery5162 Labels**
Actual size is 1 1/3" by 4"

Buy a class set of folders that are all the same color during the Back to School sales. It will be easier to manage students' take-home folders if they are all exactly the same. I always choose the vinyl covered folders because they hold up better.

The left side of the folder is "Return to School"...Things like HOMEWORK pages, field trip forms, forms from the front office, papers that need to be signed, etc.
The right side of the folder is "Keep at Home" {Take it RIGHT home. Haha} This includes graded work, brochures, newsletters, etc.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at TheHappyTeacherTPT@gmail.com
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