Lesson 8 Homework Practice Solve Percent Problems Math

Directions for Pre-Assessment

Go to gosoapbox.com.

On the top, right corner, click join event

Type in your class code (see below)---try copy and paste!!
Click on the Chapter 2, Lesson 8 Quiz.

Type your FIRST and LAST name. 

Answer the questions carefully. Check your answers. 
When you are finished, click submit! 


Class Codes: Find the code for your math class. Copy the code and enter it under Join Event.

6-L:  6Llovesmath

6-MI: 6MIlovesmath

6-P: 6Plovesmath

6-G: 6Glovesmath


Lesson Resources:

*Video Examples: See Below

*Online Textbook Videos (Online Tutor): Log into connected.mcgraw-hill.com (username: iD# followed by M, password: math12). Click on the textbook. Click on the purple talk bubble on the right side and select the appropriate chapter and lesson. 

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