University Of Education Multan Admissions Essay

University of Education is one of Pakistan’s most renowned and respected government higher educational institutes. Though established just 15 years ago in 2002, University of Education has come a long way in providing innovative quality education and earning the respect of every student and teacher all over Pakistan. Its main campus is located in the city of Lahore and it has many other campuses in various cities of province Punjab. It is still developing further towards a bright future, educating the young minds and it is doing so even faster than most other institutes of Pakistan. Its motive is to spread quality education of global level in every part of Pakistan and educate the minds that will one day prove their metal to the whole world and show the world that they are second to none. University of Education has also been one of the best institutes of universities in lahore. It is also affiliated with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Their motto is:

Truth, The Ultimate Virtue

uni of education lahore students from all around the Pakistan are benefiting from this university by getting an education that prepares them for the real world and brings out their abilities and potential to challenge the world on international level. UE is currently educating over 13,000 students in all programs including undergraduate, postgraduate and all doctoral programs. UE claims to have designed a syllabus and method that allows its students and teachers to learn in experimenting way which brings their creativity out and illuminates their minds with the real and deep meaning of the concepts being taught. In addition, it also organizes many events like educational seminars, workshops and holds advance courses as a strategy to give students better understanding and view of their field’s knowledge.

Just like any other top institute of the world, it also emphasizes on extra and co curriculum activities in order to refresh student’s minds and provide them with an opportunity of all round development and growth. You can find all sorts of activities like sports, debates, speeches, dramas, art exhibitions etc. in this institute and will be astonished to find the motivation and results in the students. It will not be wrong to say that University of Education has every single quality of a Top educational institute of world and it will one day make its nation proud.

University of Education Campuses, Division & Colleges:

University of Education has 10 Campuses located in Lahore and many other cities of Punjab. Its campuses, divisions and affiliated colleges are endeavoring to accomplish extraordinary values of triumph using revolutionary, creative ideas and strategies. UE has established many campuses, division and affiliated many colleges in order to substantiate education as much as possible all over the Punjab.

Following are the campuses and divisions and affiliated colleges of education university lahore, you may select one geographically most suitable for you to study.

University of education Campuses:

  1. University of education lahore Bank Road Campus
  2. University of education township lahore
  3. University of education lower Mall Campus
  4. UE DG Khan Campus:
  5. UE Attock Campus:
  6. UE Faisalabad Campus:
  7. UE Jauharabad Campus:
  8. University of education multan campus
  9. UE Vehari Campus:
  10. University of education renala campus

University of education Divisions:

  1. Division of Arts & Social Sciences
  2. Division of Education
  3. Division of Science & Technology

UE Government Affiliated Colleges:

  1. College for Elementary Teachers (W ), Manka Canal, D. G. Khan
  2. College for Elementary Teachers (W), Sector H-9, Islamabad
  3. College for Elementary Teachers (W), Circular Road, Lalamusa
  4. College for Elementary Teachers (W), Sharqpur
  5. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Baghdad Road, Bahawalpur
  6. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Ghakhar
  7. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Gujrat
  8. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Jhelum
  9. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Kamalia
  10. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Kasur
  11. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Khanpur
  12. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Kot Adu
  13. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Barkat Park, Lalamusa
  14. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Mianwali
  15. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Muzaffar Garh
  16. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Pasrur
  17. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Sahiwal
  18. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Sargodha
  19. College for Elementary Teachers (M), Shahpur Sadar
  20. Training College for Teachers of the DEAF, Lahore

UE Private Affiliated Colleges:

  1. Institute of Professional Learning, Lahore
  2. Higher Education College, Mian Channu
  3. Mary’s College of Education, Gujranwala
  4. Seedling College of Education, Khanewal
  5. Nobel College of Education, Makhdoom Rasheed, Multan
  6. Lahore College of Education, Lahore
  7. Beacon College of Special Education, DG Khan
  8. Ghulam Zainab Degree College of Management Sciences, Kot Mithan, DG Khan
  9. Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Model Degree College
  10. PR Axis College of Arts & Sciences
  11. Defence Degree College for Women
  12. ILM College
  13. Cambridge College
  14. Blue Bells International
  15. Ghazi College of Social Sciences
  16. Quaid-e-Azam Institute of Arts & Sciences
  17. Quaid College of Commerce
  18. Super System Girls College, Sheikhupura
  19. AGS College of Education, Islamabad

University of Education Offered Programs & Fee Structure:

For Morning Shift

MEd, MEd Special Education13,90011,000
MBA 1.5 Year23,40018,50019,200
MA English15,40010,5009,20012,500
MSc (Botany, Chemistry, Economics,
Physics, Mathematics, Zoology
MSc IT24,40019,50018,20021,500
MA Education, Education (L&M), Urdu,
History, Special Education
MBA 3.522,90018,00016,70018,00016,70018,00018,700
BBA (Hons)17,90013,00011,70013,00011,70013,00011,70015,000
BS IT23,40018,50017,20018,50017,20018,50017,20020,500
BS (Hons) Botany, Chemistry, Economics,
English, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology
BFA (Hons)13,4008,5007,2008,5007,2008,5007,20010,500
BEd (Hons)12,9008,0006,7008,0006,7008,0006,70010,000
PhD (Education, Urdu)30,40021,50020,20021,50020,20021,50020,20021,500

For Evening Shift

MEd, MEd Special Education18,27515,375
MBA 1.5 Year35,90031,00031,700
MA English27,40022,50021,20024,500
MSc (Botany, Chemistry, Economics,
Physics, Mathematics, Zoology
MSc IT37,40032,50031,20034,500
MA Education, Education (L&M), Urdu,
History, Special Education
MBA 3.532,40027,50026,20027,50026,20027,50028,200
BBA (Hons)27,40022,50021,20022,50021,20022,50021,20024,500
BS IT35,40030,50029,20030,50029,20030,50029,20032,500
BS (Hons) Botany, Chemistry, Economics,
English, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology
BFA (Hons)17,40012,50011,20012,50011,20012,50011,20014,500
BEd (Hons)20,40015,50014,20015,50014,20015,50014,20017,500
PhD (Education, Urdu)41,40035,50034,20035,50034,20035,50034,20035,500

How to Apply for Education university Lahore Admission:

  • First get admission form of University of Education from any of its campus, division or designated branch of Habib Bank Limited or click the link to Download UE Admission Form. If you download the form, get it printed in hard copy.
  • Read the whole and fill complete form requirements carefully without any mistake and again proofread it as incomplete or late forms will not be accepted.
  • After filling the form you have to submit it within due date. You can submit it any campus or division of UE with a fee of 500/- rupees or you can post it to relevant campus or division along with a bank draft or pay order of 500/- rupees.
  • Applicants also apply online at the official website of University of Education. Here is the link to Apply Online at UE.
  • Here you can download Prospectus of UE.
  • Education university lahore result is not available online

Admission Criteria:

Each program in University of Education has its own eligibility criteria. For exact details here click to see all UE Offered Programs and their Requirement.

  • There is no age limit in any program.
  • For every program you apply, you must have attained at least 45% in your last degree. For example, if you are applying MA English then you must have achieved at least 45% marks in BA in order to be eligible to apply.
  • For some programs, you must have studied relevant subject as your major in previous degree. For example, in order to be eligible to apply for MSc Mathematics at UE, you must have studied and attained 45% marks in BSc with A & B Courses of Mathematics.
  • MPhil and Doctorate programs may have different or additional requirements.

Merit Calculation for Bachelors at UE:

(( Marks Obtained in SSC / Total ) x 0.30 + ( Marks Obtained in HSSC / Total ) x 0.70) x 100

Merit Calculation for Masters at UE:

(( Marks Obtained in SSC / Total ) x 0.25 + ( Marks Obtained in HSSC / Total ) x 0.25 + ( Marks Obtained in BA/BSc / Total ) x 0.50 ) x 10


We hope this article has been helpful to you. University of Education is a great institute for education; you will not regret studying there. We have tried to cover everything you need to know and you want to know about University of education in this article. If you still have any question related to education whether in Pakistan or about studying abroad, feel free to ask us anytime at WSLConsultants Contact.

The University of Education (Urdu: یونیورسٹی آف ایجوکیشن‬‎) (initials: UE), is a publicresearchuniversity located in a residential area of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a multi–campus university whose institutions and campus are located in different metropolitan cities of Punjab province of Pakistan.

Established in 2002, it offers undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programmes in various academic disciplines including arts and science.[1] Approximately 13,000 students attend the university. It was ranked as one of the top institutions of higher learning in Pakistan by Higher Education Commission (HEC) in 2010.[3] The university's official policy is aimed towards stimulating ambiance to give its scholars a cutting-edge research in today's world of competition and professionalism.[1]


Lower Mall Lahore Campus[edit]

The university of Education Lower Mall Campus, Lahore Came into existence in 1933 in Lahore as a Lady MAclagan Training College for women which was later became part of University of Education in September 2002. Sahil.Risky

Attock campus[edit]

Soon after the establishment of UE, the Attock Campus introduced a B.Ed program in 2002.

Bank Road Campus Lahore[edit]

The University of Education Bank Road Campus, Lahore, was established in 1933 in the heart of Lahore city as Lady Maclagan Training College. In 1976, the institution was named the Government College of Education for Women, Lahore. In September 2002, with the establishment of the University of Education it became one of its campuses.

Dera Ghazi Khan Campus[edit]

The Government College of Education, D.G Khan, was established in 1989.

Faisalabad campus[edit]

The institution was established in 1961. It started in the building of Auqaaf Department on Diji Kot Road. The institution was transferred to the present campus, spread over 23 acres.

Jauharabad Campus[edit]

The institution started as Johar Government Girls School. In November 1971 it obtained the status of Government College for Elementary Teachers and achieved its present status of a University of Education campus in 2004.

Multan campus[edit]

Main article: University of Education Lahore (Multan Campus)

The Government Training College Multan, now one of the campuses of the University of Education Lahore, was established in 1959 but began in Bahawalpur. U.E Multan Campus was established in 2002. It located at Bosan Road Multan which is the heart of Educational institutions.

Okara campus[edit]

With the support of Rao Sikander Iqbal, Senior Minister of Defense, the university started functioning in ‘Kalsoom Educational Complex’ Samad Pura. Later, the government of Punjab allocated 203 acres of land across Lower Bari Doab, the biggest irrigation canal of Pakistan, to the university. The complex includes academic buildings, administrative buildings, library, two hostels and housing for faculty and staff.


UE Bank Road Lahore Campus

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