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Compare and Contrast Europe and Africa Essay

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Europe and Africa have been linked together in evaluating the state formation process. Both regions have similarities, strengths, weaknesses, and room for improvement. To this day both regions are far from perfect. Some light can be shed on this subject, by evaluating Europe and Africa’s state formation process, evaluating what party benefits, and briefly explaining two economic consequences of European colonialism in Africa. Problems began for Africa when there was the “scramble for Africa. Africa was extremely divided throughout the continent. There was no nation intact. Even though they were divided into colonies, they still had no sovereignty. Since they had no form of nationalism it made it impossible to succeed as a…show more content…

Belgium and Portugal “led the second-tier empires” (Schraeder 97) and they were much smaller than Britain and France. Italy held possession of Liberia and Eritrea. Spain had the smallest of the empires, including Ceuta and Melilla. Europe was different to Africa in their state formation process. State formation started as a result of European kings claiming greater powers and tightening their control over large territories. In the early period people were indifferent about the state to which they belonged. In Northern Europe the state was very spread out. This was due to the fact that some regions were acquired for the crown by royal marriages, and others by settlements of war or debt. (Shively 24-25) It was not until the early nineteenth century that the state was bound by a rather large territory with stable boundaries. The invention of the modern state is given credit to Napolean. This came about by his joining “the excitement and the passions of the French Revolution to an active and efficient bureaucracy and army. This state was very powerful and conquered most of Europe. (Shively 25) To further evaluate Europe and Africa one could look at the economic consequences of European colonialism in Africa. There are several consequences to this subject. The two that seem the most important was the transformation of individual colonies into export-oriented

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