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Irish Studies in International Affairs

Description:Irish Studies in International Affairs has been published since 1977 as the leading Irish-based journal in the discipline, with an increasing international reputation and circulation. Each issue includes invited contributions drawing on presentations to the previous year's RIA Committee for International Affairs conference; original articles submitted around the theme of the conference or related to Irish foreign policy defined in its widest sense; and annual reviews of Irish diplomacy and Ireland's official development assistance programme. The journal's editorial approach is not constrained by any particular methodological or theoretical framework, and articles on a wide range of issues are welcome. Past themed issues include Ireland's membership of the UN; the 'War on Terrorism'; and the rise of Asia in international affairs.

Coverage: 1979-2017 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 28)

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ISSN: 03321460

EISSN: 20090072

Subjects: History, Irish Studies, Political Science, History, Social Sciences, Area Studies, International Relations

Collections: Ireland Collection

"Pérez has hit on the soft underbelly of U.S. policy in 1898, which U.S. historians have often tended to repress."--New York Review of Books

"A provocative reinterpretation that will undoubtedly influence subsequent writing about the war."--Latin American Research Review

"[A] tightly-written examination of the import of the Spanish-Cuban-United States War of 1898. . . . We have indeed been well served both professionally and publicly by Pérez's critical reappraisal of 1898 and its significations."--The Americas

"Louis A. Pérez, Jr., who brings extensive research, thought, and writing to this task, renders a probing and provocative critique of the North American historiographical treatment of the conflict. . . . In this exhaustively researched, lucidly argued essay, Pérez contributes significantly to an understanding of both the history and the historiography of the War of 1898."--Pacific Historical Review

"The incomparable Louis A. Pérez, Jr. has written a stimulating perspective on U.S.-Cuban relationships based on nineteenth-century perspectives and historiographical literature. . . . This work is recommended for students of Cuban history and the general reader."--Colonial Latin American Historical Review

"[This] short, clearly argued volume is an analysis of the relationship between Cuba and the United States . . . in both 'history and historiography.' Drawing from his vast and detailed knowledge of both primary and secondary sources, Pérez narrates both the way the war progressed in Cuba and the way it has been interpreted in the United States."--Historian

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