Misuses Of Mobile Phones Essays About Life

The mobile technology of 20th century especially 3G, 4G, and LTE technology have brought revolutionary changes in human life. There are lots of misuse of cell phones that we discuss in our article. And a lot of information you will get to know after reading this article.

Use and misuse of  Mobile Phones in Modern life

  • Mobile technology has revolutionized the lifestyles of people for many years. They have got become substantial all around the world. This revolution inside the communique factor changed letter-writing with the help of presenting ease to the humanity concerning communique most of the human beings.
  • Except that, mobile telephones also play an anti-social element in humankind. It relies upon on how it is getting used. In short, we will say that cell phones have their makes use of and misuses which completely rely upon the consumer.
  • Mobile technology is very common in these days. Moreover, you can see a cell phone in nearly each hand. There are many advantages of cell phones like receiving calls and statistics manipulation. They are simply very useful and helpful for communication. In the late nineteen nineties, the usage of mobile phones turned into began, and now you study that almost all people have a cell cellphone.
  • Cell phones had been added for the benefit of humans as a way to make contacts with their cherished ones quickly. This is why cell tool became invented however the use of mobile phones in our society refers to the evil aspect. Have you ever considered that cellular telephone is a Blessing or evil?
  • We have got made it an evil rather than a blessing. Misuse of cell phone may be very not unusual nowadays. In case you ask anybody that whether or not she or he knows typing or a few vital information about the computer, there are strong chances that the answer might be no.
  • Cell phones have the form of advantages. They are without problems transportable from location to the region. People use mobile phones to ship messages whether these messages are in the shape of texts, photos or voice. Human beings also send e-mails via their phones.
  • They do now not ought to use computer systems for e-mails anymore. People also use GPS device of their mobile telephones, use the internet to browse matters and replace themselves by using getting news on their cell phones.

However, if you want to know about a cell phone capability, there are 90% chances of sure.

Customer behavior

  • In our society cellular is the foremost thing that is spoiling the children. Mobile telephones are growing the needless association between the lads and girls, which is morally wrong. In universities and schools, the government needs not to ban the cellular phones, but they must take essential steps to make its use high-quality. The motive is beside bad utilization; mobile telephones have masses of benefits as nicely. It’s miles without a doubt a beneficial thing for those women who’re living far away from their houses.
  • It’s also commonplace to students that they use to kind SMS at the same time as sitting at the backbenches. It’s no longer that difficult to broaden this skill of typing SMS in only two or three weeks of a cellular use.
  • The problem of the situation is that why we continually use things in a wrong manner. Why we constantly misuse the cell telephones and other technologies. A mobile smartphone will be a blessing if we use it for the cause it became made.
  • The majority use cell telephones for the reason of amusement too and to make some moneyalso. Especially we all play video games, pay attention to songs and watch movies. Many of us are using it to carry out distinct calculations too.
  • The popularity of cell phones is growing at a big scale. Many groups are providing conversation services at inexpensive fees. The sector has become a global village with the introduction of cellular telephones in it as we can speak to all people at a significant distance within a genuinely active period a day.
  • Therefore, human beings have become numerous benefits with free cell phone generation.

misuse of mobile phone

• The mobile phone used in public locations makes the person blind to nearby cues due to cognitive overload. E.G. While you operate cellular telephone even as strolling thru the street, you may now not see a car coming close to you.

• Mobile phone use in public locations will increase the reaction time to activities across the consumer. E.G. You will no longer get a chance to transport far away from a threat.

• Decreased attention to neighborhood state of affairs may additionally disturb others because the consumer is not attending the political scenario. E.G. Your verbal exchange and frame language may be annoying to others.

• Use of cellular telephones in gatherings, conferences, leisure locations and so forth disturb others via inattention blindness

Caller Hegemony

• Caller Hegemony is the uneven courting among the caller and answerer.

• The alarming ring tone may call for higher attention to the phone in place of the nearby settings. In case you use cellular telephones in occupied areas, trains or buses, the unexpected ring tone may also adjust your interest or the message from the caller may also reason a disturbed feeling. This could lead to inattention blindness.


The cell phone used in public places makes the consumer overloaded and end up unaware of the info of communicative behavior of co- put people in addition to other relevant capabilities of the social situation. It’s miles recommended that don’t use cell phones while driving a vehicle or running machinery or crossing the road.


cell phone use at the same time as driving might also cause accidents because of inattention blindness and Accidents.

USE of cell phones for every child has ended up an obsession. Our new era has taken it quite seriously. Cell phones are ubiquitous. Our kids squander their time by surfing the internet, messaging and speaking most of the time on mobile phones.

There are various network connections which continually offer the cheapest packages. The mushroom boom of such packages has made lives of parents vulnerable.

Especially the most unreasonable offers, which start at midnight, have entangled our young youngsters to waste their time on such evil activities. Our youngsters, who as soon as used to work involved in schooling, are believed to were losing their valuable time on mobile phones.

Advantage and disadvantage of mobile technology

Then again, there are some drawbacks of cell phones too. The younger era is substantially prompted by using the evilness of mobile telephones. Kids are the usage of cellular phones lots. They are now indulged in taking note of songs, sending vulgar messages and looking pornographic movies. On occasion, humans communicate on their cell phones for a long time that’s fitness risky. Scientists consider that cellular phones reason mind tumors, genetic damage, and many other dangerous sicknesses. Doctors believe that if a person talks on a mobile telephone for extra than minutes, his/her blood brain barrier receives damage. Additionally, blood stress gets high and his/her red blood cells additionally get damaged.

Moreover, the rays emitting from mobile phones purpose diverse sicknesses, including eye contamination, as our teenagers stealthily interact themselves into messaging at night time, even within the blanket when lights are off. Irresponsible teenagers do immoral acts thru cell phones. They of their leisure time begin dialing wrong numbers to infuriate others without any clemency, a good way to have some fun. Utilization of such digital machine has surprisingly harmed the training of our youngsters.


Seemingly those standard messaging and calling programs are attractive our teenagers to ruin their lives. I feel it is far the duty of dad and mom to restrict their children from the usage of cell phones in the course of their peak years of studies. It is up to them to take measures to restrain their children from using mobile phones unnecessarily.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones For Teenagers

Mobile phone is a device which allows its user to make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobile phones and fixed line phones all around the world The use of cell phones has dramatically became a new age of convenience for billions of people around the world. Teenagers are the majority of mobile users in the world. Mobile phones have become one important part of a teenager's life. The usage of mobile phones has re-shaped, re-organized and altered several social facets of life (Ravidchandran, S. V., (2009)). When focusing on teenagers’ mobile phone usage, literature has provided evidence for both positive and negative effects of mobile phone on teenagers. In this high-tech world a mobile phone equips a teenager with all its needs.
Mobile phones have various negative effects on a teenager's life and their life style. It can affect the student's in many ways. It can lead to health related problems, academic distractions, exam malpractice and change in behavior of teenagers. Reserches have shown that a mobile phone can cause an increased risk of acoustic neuroma and glioma in teenagers (Ravidchandran, S. V., (2009)). It can also cause ipsilateral , this is a tumor caused on the side of the brain where phone mostly held. It is highly risky for a teenager's health, as it is their growing period of time. Mobile phones are also known as a cause for academic distraction of students. Students tend to carry mobile phones to schools. Due to which they tend to use mobile phones during their lectures, they listen to songs, watch videos, play games ,chat with their friends online, etc. which makes mobile phones act as major source of distraction in a student's life . The students don’t concentrate on what's going on in the class; they stay busy with their mobile phones. Another way of misuse of mobiles phones by teenagers is through adopting ways for exam malpractice. Most of the students end up not studying during their exams because of the reasons mentioned above, which makes them adopt other techniques to pass through their exams so they tend to indulge in various malpractices during internal and external examinations. Students tend to bring their mobile phones to the exam halls and make use of the scientific calculator provided in their mobile phones during exams. They even save various information in it which would help them during the exam. Many of them even use it to send answers for objective questions to those who are present in the examination hall, which may not even be correct. They tend to send false information to other students as well. This can end the student's career if caught, as exam malpractice is taken very seriously by all schools and universities and it is a punishable offense. Usage of mobile...

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