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by JavoniFri Oct 05, 2012 11:57 am

Hey bro,
Hope this message finds you well.

Actually the best piece of advice would be keep practice writing! Write and write, you get better and better. What was your AWA score? If it is about 5 or higher you are good to go. The books about writing fine B-School essays will not help you much, if you are not good enough in writing per se. Vice versa, you are likely to just copy the structure of those essays and get in the loop, it is tricky my friend.

I was in your shoes right a year from now, bought book about HBS essays but not much. You got to do your way, godspeed!

herman2210 wrote:Hi, folks!! What books would you recommend me to learn how to write my application essays? English is not my first language and I one of my weakness is writting. I dont have time for my work so I cant get in any course, so I need to study by myself, but I dont know what book could help me to improve my writting skills.

Thanks for your recommendations!!!

How to Download the GMAT AWA Essay Topics (Writing Prompts)

During the AWA section of the GMAT, the testing system will randomly select and will present to you one essay topic (prompt) from a large pool of more than 150 Analysis-of-an-Argument essay prompts.

You can view and download a nearly complete list of the essay topics from the official GMAT website. This list is publicly available, free of charge.

NOTE: The disclosed list of AWA topics does not necessarily include every topic from the pool, and so your exam might present a topic that isn't on the list.

To locate the list of GMAT essay topics at the official GMAT website, from the site's home page click through to GMAT Test Structure and Overview, and then to the Analytical Writing Assessment area, where you'll find a link to the PDF document listing the essay topics.

NOTE: GMAC also publishes the list of GMAT essay topics in its print publication The Official Guide for GMAT Review. Keep in mind, however, that the test makers revise the list of AWA essay prompts from time to time, and that the Official Guide may not reflect the latest revisions. So for the most up-to-date list consult the GMAC website.

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